Drive Gearboxes

Churning out a lot of parts right now. So. Much. Aluminum.

An Anecdote

It starts out small. It’s locked inside our heads, hard to draw out. Slowly, it begins to express itself. Drawings and sketches appear. Ideas grow and take shape, clashing against […]

Recycle Rush: FRC ’15 Begins!

And it begins! Recycle Rush is the 2015 game, and we’re extremely excited to compete in it.

FRC ’14 St. Louis Regionals

The FRC 2014 St. Louis Regionals have come and gone.

Alive: Six days left in FRC ’14

Six days away from the end of FRC, and our robot is running.

Frame Finished

Week 5 of FRC ’14 is over, and here’s a quick breakdown of it.

Frame Assembly

With Week 4 of FRC ’14 drawing to a close, here’s a quick recap.