Alive: Six days left in FRC ’14

Six days away from the end of FRC, and our robot is running.

We’re six days away until the robot is boxed up, and we’re so close! The robot lives now; it can move around in teleop pretty well.

It’s alive!

Yes. Today, for the first time, we were able to set the robot on the ground and control it via teleop. With this being my first year, I’ve never seen anything quite like a robot that you canĀ control just by moving around a joystick.

Mr. Seifert, our lead mentor, claims that this is our fastest time yet–we’re only 39 days in. With almost a week yet to go, we’ll have at least a small amount of time to test our robot before we reach the time limit. That, my friends, is a first. (Pun not intended.) Finishing the bulk of the robot with a week yet to go is great news for our drive and programming guys, since they can test to their hearts’ content.

Our shooter arm remains a secret to the public. We haven’t attached it to the robot yet, largely because it’s not quite finished. It will be great if the shooter crew can finish it by Friday while the rest of the team builds our harvester mechanism, which is still in the CAD phase.

A short post today. I caught a cold and so I’ve been unable to visit the shop until today. Expect more posts throughout the remainder of the week, though!