Power Up

This seasons competition is Power Up. This game takes place in an "8 bit world", where the goal is to collect power up cubes and put them on a balance to gain possession and earn points with your alliance during the match. At the end of the match, the robots are to climb up to the top of a beam to gain even more points. Robots can also exchange the cubes with a human player, who puts the cubes in the vault. This gives the alliance additional points.

2018 Build Season

We are currently in the process of building our robot for the 2018 season!

Lightning 1444

We are Lightning 1444. We are located out of St. Louis, Missouri, and are a mix of students from all over the area. We build awesome robots and have a blast doing it.


FIRST is an organization dedicated to helping students learn STEM through engaging robotics programs. They are known for promoting values of gracious professionalism and cooperation.

Destination: Deep Space

Deep Space is the competition for the 2019 season!